Friday, September 24, 2010

5. Conclusion

The problems of the Ivorian cocoa farmer are small compared to those of farmers in other parts of Africa. Ivory Coast still has infrastructure: the roads are still passable unlike Cameroon, where cocoa has to be hauled through two feet of red mud to get through the virgin forest. Nevertheless, the plight of the cocoa farmer in Ivory Coast shows how even a rich part of Africa that is competitive in world markets just cannot support the farmers.

This article has listed and briefly discussed 10 factors which have contributed to it. All but one of the factors are directly caused by humans and are therefore remediable. A true partnership of coequals must develop between the First and Third Worlds to bring the cocoa farmer up to the level that he or she deserves, given the value of the commodity. Should the cocoa farmer eventually benefit from that value in the future is unknown and unpredictable.

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